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 Mission Nutrition

Mission Watch 

Thank you so much for such a wonderful assembly. The students and staff enjoyed themselves very much. You were the talk of the halls. We certainly recommend your program and will want to have you back again! 

Jessica Stevens, PTA President of Cleveland Elementary,
Livonia, MI

Join Captain Jason Hudy in this exciting 40 minute journey through space that teaches students healthy eating and living habits! Obesity, lack of exercise, and improper eating habits are a major problem among children today, and this show explains the ideas in an entertaining way!

Key points from “Mission Nutrition”

M – Move! 

Being physically active for 60 minutes every day will help to build a healthy heart. After all, the heart is our most important muscle. Jump rope, play basketball, dance or jog to MOVE and be physically active!

Mission Nutrition - Move and Exercise!
Mission Nutrition - Avoid Junk Foods!
A – Always think healthy

When choosing foods to eat, always think healthy! Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fat-free milk!

R – Remember to balance 

The food pyramid is introduced, along with a fun juggling skit involving five members of the audience, juggling plates to talk about balancing our food intake!

Mission Nutrition - Remember the Right Foods to Eat!
Mission Nutrition - Skip the pop, Drink Water! S – Select healthy drinks! 

100% Juice, Low-Fat Milk, and Water are three typs of healthy drinks. These beverages help us to Always Think Healthy. Some fun with water ensues!

Mission Nutrition” blends the ideas of healthy eating and living so well with entertaining magic and juggling into one seamless fun show!

Show Pricing: $375 for one show. $500 for two shows, back-to-back. Slight travel fee may be added if your school is over 2 hours away from Livonia, MI

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