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Keys To Character

Keys Michigan Magician Watch 

"The "Keys to Character" show fit in perfectly with our "Positive Behavior Support" program.  Lots of compliments from kids, staff and PTO moms. I think that what you said to the kids about each of the character traits in your program was excellent and you "hit the mark" on all of it (every word you said) as far as I am concerned. Your message was totally age-appropriate and I am amazed that you said exactly what should be said to elementary children. Great job! I wouldn't change anything about it."
Geri Marturano, Mohawk Elementary School
Macomb Twp, MI

"Keys To Character" is the Egyptian Treasure Hunt where students will learn that the biggest treasure is core values! Students will follow Jason in the search for King Flamahan's riches, and along the way fun and laughter ensues!

The "core values/character traits" addressed in the show include responsibility, honesty, fairness, being unique, persistence and co-operation, values that elementary students need to know!




To add excitement and amazement to the program, the show features funny moments including the "truth detector test", cup stacking, juggling, magic and of course students from the audience onstage to help out!


The entire show is built around the premise of an "Egyptian Treasure Hunt" and the show progresses until the treasure is found, and students have a chance to win big money!



Schedule "Keys To Character for your school, and your students will have fun AND learn core values at the same time!


Show Pricing: $375 for one show. $500 for two shows, back-to-back. Slight travel fee may be added if your school is over 2 hours away from Livonia, MI

Simply place your contact information into the spots below, and Jason will be in touch within a few hours to answer any questions you have and set up your show!





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