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DIVE Into Reading

 Michigan Assembly Dive 

American Montessori Academy would like to thank you once again for presenting an oustanding program to our k-5 students. All of your programs have a clear message for the students and they continue to talk about you and your messages. The magic is a great way to keep their attention and present the message in a way that is captivating. Thanks again for making a difference in the lives of our studetns, we'll look to have you back next year!

Amy Pogorzelski, American Montessori Academy,
Livonia, MI

"DIVE into Reading" is an assembly program that uses an "underwater theme" to not only encourage kids to become good readers, but to give them actual tips, strategies and techniques that will help them each and every time they open up a book!

D – Details:

As you are reading, look for the details such as the who, what, where, when, why. They help you understand what you are reading!

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I – Imagination:

Use your imagination to make the story come alive, and to guess what will happen next. This will help you stay involved with your book

V –  Vocabulary:

Understanding the words of what you are reading is important! And if you don't know what a word means, use the sentence around it to figure it out!

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E –  Explore:

Reading is a great way to explore the world around you! You can learn anything right at your library, and this is why reading is so important, it helps make you a better person!

Show Pricing: $375 for one show. $500 for two shows, back-to-back. Slight travel fee may be added if your school is over 2 hours away from Livonia, MI

Simply place your contact information into the spots below, and Jason will be in touch within a few hours to answer any questions you have and set up your show!





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